Byterapers & friends in Ilosaarirock'98

This is the (B)ytecamp. Friday evening, not everyone is yet here. You must really admire the way how we make ourselves comfortable when we go to festivals :)

Friday/Saturday night fever. There you see Grendel's tent in left, Reznor's in middle and Hazard/HC-Anna's in right.

Persons left->right:
In the shadow is propably Pia AKA Galaksin Valtiatar/HiRMU. Then Duncan/Damones and Dr.Dick/(B). In front of Hazard's and HC-Anna's tent you somewhat surprisingly see Hazard and HC-Anna/(B). Interesting little bit is Reznor's hand sticking out of his tent, holding a beer.

Reznor/(B) took a tongue ring. Argh. Blood.

Hmmm. Sausages. Hazard and HC-Anna are eating in the background while Dr. Dick/(B) looks quite happy.

Our old pal Caveman/Coma gave us his old "Me, Scotschman" show. Here he is wearing it, and in no moment, Scottish Caveman will be running around spreading happy mood.,

Happy campers. Plenty people huh?

The three persons front row/left are Caveman, Lemming and Kauramenu. Behind them is Slobber/(B) Fan Club with Enema/(B) and his girlfriend Eija.

Right from Lady Kauramehu is at least her friend Minna, but rest are somewhat fuzzy. Stupid camera took again partly double picture.

Pia AKA Galaksin Valtiatar/HiRMU is having a healthy field lunch.

A (B) friend is stuffing an empty beer bottle inside Reznor/(B) trousers. He unzipped the trousers, put bottle in and after this picture he took a newspaper putting it over the bottle. Result looked very sexy, Reznor having a morning wood. :)

More living in the fridge... Virne/Coma and Jmagic/Complex (bottom) with other fellas.

Wellwell. Galaksin Valtiatar wants safe play. Hmmmm.

Here you see more of the happy camping. Notice the grill we had in middle of the camp. All tents were in right so we had good shelter against all the rain and wind.

I can't recognize the person in left, but to right from him/her are:
Dr. Dick/(B), Hazard & HC-Anna/(B), Razorback, Lemming/Orange, Kauramehu AKA Jukka Kauppinen/HiRMU, Enema/(B) and his girlfriend Eija.

Primon has his own way to sleep outside. No fancy tents, no fancy sleeping bags. Just get a tarpaulin and make yourself comfortable under it.

In one party some passerby was heard wondering "whose body is lying over there." :)

Grendel/(B) and Primon drinkign happily together. Enema/(B) behind.

Da new religious cult of Holy Mosquito Repellent.

Galaksin Valtiatar/HiRMU and Jmagic/Complex were first recruits.

"Is this the citybear" they wondered, when Micron/(B) crawled out of his tent. Primon enjoys the show.

Duncan/Damones gave a funny show. He passed out with that beer bottle in hand and didn't let it go. We tried to save the bottle but no, he grasped even harder on it and put the bottle under him. No can do. A Damones won't let any beer pass by.

Galaksin Valtiatar/HiRMU is getting drunk.

"Kiljua" she screams and wants more. Feelings were somewhat different next day though. Especially after running around in that rain, thunder and lightning, falling to a steep ditch with over 1 meter water. You should have seen how much water there was in her boots. Amazing.

Grendel. "I drink."

What a sad picture. Dr.Dick/(B) is outta booze and is begging someone for even little more. Enema/(B) on the other hand still has plenty more, has refused to give any to Dr.Dick and feels so good about it.

And it goes on. Drink drink drink!

HC-Anna and Hazard wrestling.

"What a big cock I have" thinks Hazard. And feels so good when Micron is rubbing it and putting likewise huge condom on.

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